Babe Battles

Battle of the Babes is a voting contest that puts two stunning women against each other, with you, the community voting in a poll located on the right side of the blog on which of the two is the most beautiful.
New women will be put up often, so check back daily to get your votes in.
Current contests will be at the top of the page, with past contests located below with the results to them. Click on the names of the women if you’d like to see more pictures before you submit your vote.
If you have any suggestions on who you’d like to see going up against each other, leave your suggestion in the comments below.

Vote in the poll at the bottom, and if you’d like to see some more pictures before making your final decisions, click on the contestant’s name.

Babe Battles #1 (Active)

Scarlett Johansson



Kim Kardashian


Babe Battles #2 (Active)

Abella Anderson



Cassidy Banks


Babe Battles #3 (Active)

Gemma Atkinson



Gia Macool

29.04.15 г. - 1

Babe Battles #4 (Active)

Miesha Tate



Ronda Rousey



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